Harp & a Monkey Postscript

Something different last night with Harp & a Monkey.  A wonderful evening of stories, memories, and history.  And music…a delightful combination of instruments, singing, and harmonies.
A great evening was had by all of us.  Apologies to the vegetarians who missed out on their supper…the amazing leek, red onion, new potato, swiss chard, and feta cheese pie sold out in minutes.  Made by our excellent chef, Barbara Garnsworthy, at the Castleman hotel, who provides and donates the veggie option at every music night.
Equally, the lemon curd and mango swirl cheesecake, made by Richard Morris, our 2nd chef at the Castleman, disappeared in short order.  Grateful thanks to both of them for their contributions.
As always, the profits we make on the food and drink go to worthy charities, our biggest recipient being the Somerset and Dorset Air Ambulance, which have received something in the region of £2000 raised at our music nights.
So huge thanks to our support team… Jenny, who makes and donates the cakes, Kathy, our tea lady, and Alistair, who makes a fine job of taking everyones money.
Thanks to all of our loyal band of supporters, which continues to grow.
And especial thanks to Martin, Andy, and Simon, aka Harp and a Monkey…and I hope they have forgiven me for referring to these Lancashire men…as Yorkshire men!