Coming to Chettle Village Hall
Friday,  December 6, 2019

Alan West, Steve Black  & Adam Sweet

Tickets £12
Doors open 7 for 7:30pm
Hot meals, wine, local beer available

Contact Jan   07776 323 198


They say that, “some things are meant to be”! Nothing could be truer about the coming together of Alan West and Steve Black. With over 50 years of professional performing between them, they discovered that their unique combination puts a refreshing slant on country music.

Alan West, for many years, has been regarded as having one of the greatest voices to come out of the UK. His emotional, yet informative way of singing a story, has moved many an audience all over the world, and it isn’t by accident that Alan’s CDs and indeed his newly formed live band feature a host of great musicians of the genre.

Steve’s background lies in theatre, television and radio although he has performed over 5000 live gigs all over the world. He has written for many top comedians and has had numerous plays and rock musicals performed all around the UK including London. Steve’s last CD received a lot of airplay and his latest offering “All the best” is set to follow the same pattern. He is becoming one of the UK’s leading songwriters and his style fits perfectly with Alan’s unique way of singing and the combination is very potent.

Alan’s collaboration with Steve Black began about 12 years ago when they were both performing in separate duos and would occasionally “fill in” for one another. Alan instantly acknowledged the potential in Steve’s writing ability and included some of his songs in the live set.

Around 2005, they found themselves pursuing solo careers and decided it would be “ no bad thing” to get together and “see what happens”……..

What happened is this. The bond between them has grown deeper as the years have rolled on. Gigging more and more together has enhanced each other’s performance and writing and more importantly their genuine understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

They have developed a number of regular gigs in and around their home towns in East Devon and have have built a unique and very strong relationship with the ever increasing number of folk who come to watch.

Appearing at the 02 London Country2Country festival two years running has helped to put their music before new audiences. This has played a huge part in Alan and Steve increasingly embarking on their “adventures” and performing at more and more intimate venues to listening audiences all over the UK and Europe.

Alan’s new album “All Things For a Reason” is already getting high praise from the industry and Steve is currently writing a new album. More importantly though they are still having an inordinate amount of fun together and continue to play 200 plus gigs a year.

Midwinterfest, the brainchild of Alan and fully backed by Steve, has been and will continue to be a working example of what they believe in…a platform for genuine British talent to be seen and heard by an audience that want to listen to original Country music.  Midwinterfest Xtra is an organic add on! Writers sit with Steve for 2/3 days and see what they can come up with and then perform the new songs acoustically to a hungry audience at the end of session! Each collaboration so far has been a success! Proof, if it were needed, that Alan and Steve quietly yet strongly believe in the future of British Country music.

So there you have it……Alan West & Steve Black…..Open, honest and devoted to their music. Their names have always been synonymous with quality and originality and their continued pursuit of excellence would appear to ensure nothing is about to change any time soon.