Chettle Music Nights.      

   Chettle Music Nights began in 2012  in our small village hall with a duo from Lancashire named Howdenjones, who were touring in the south. We had seen them perform at another village hall, and liking them, went to see them again. Being very approachable, I asked Kate Howden if they would consider coming and playing in Chettle. The answer was yes, and so Chettle Music Nights began.

   To date, we have had Howdenjones, Jesse Terry from Nashville, Black & West, Jon Kenzie, Martin Harley, Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston, Phil Beer, Reg Meuross, Adam Sweet, Ben Williams,  Philip Henry, Harp & a Monkey, and Sarah McQuaid…most of whom have returned, or are returning.

   What started as three gigs a year has grown to six or seven, with an ever increasing database of followers. To date, the  profits we have made on our food and drink have gone to charities such as the Air Ambulance, the Stroke Association, and many more.  It has, unfailingly, been an enjoyable evening of music, with homemade food, wine, and local beer available in the intermission. It is also a chance to meet and speak to the performers and listen to their wonderful anecdotes.

   With a loyal team assisting with serving the food and drink (and baking the cakes), it is a pretty well run operation, and a relaxed and informal evening. So for those of you who haven’t been before, come along and experience a Chettle Music Night.

Jan Fisher
Chettle Village Hall
Blandford Forum
DT11 8DB

Contact Jan Fisher on Tel: 07776 323198
Email:  jan.fisher@chettlemusic.co.uk
web address:  chettlemusic.co.uk